WELCOME to the #MicrosoftOffice web site!
#MicrosoftOffice is one of Undernet's oldest and most trusted help channels.  Since 1996 we have been offering users assistance with word excell, windows, and many other IRC-related issues.

Since its inception, the staff and management of #MicrosoftOffice have had a reputation of being Undernet's most helpful operators and most knowledgeable users. A visit to #MicrosoftOffice guarantees the best, most fair results.

#MicrosoftOffice Means Zero Tolerance.
Zero Tolerance for flooders. Zero Tolerance for script kiddies. Zero Tolerance for network abuse. #MicrosoftOffice has always maintained a policy of providing the best help available to the Undernet community.  This means we do not tolerate abusers, takeovers, 'hackers', or the like.